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What is Sleep Training?

 Sleep Training will shape your child’s sleep habits for the rest of their life.


We want to ensure that your child or baby is getting the adequate amount of sleep for their age by implementing a schedule and routine that suits their age. Remember, sleep training is about doing what is best for your child, so it is important to prioritize their schedule and sleep needs. I will evaluate your baby’s current routine and needs. Is he or she at the age where they still need to feed once or twice at night or none at all? Is your baby’s weight good enough to wean off all night feeds? What are your sleep goals? These are some of things I will evaluate when making your child’s sleep plan. We will combine a routine and schedule with a sleep settling technique.

There are a variety of sleep settling techniques that can be used, but which one we will use will depend on your baby's sleep issues. I am trained in gentle sleep training methods as well as firmer techniques that all depend on how your baby responds. I will take into account your baby’s age, temperament and your own parenting preferences when recommending a sleep settling technique but we will also closely monitor how your child responds once we implement the plan. 


Sleeping Baby

Did you know?

A five year study published by the American Acadamey of pediatrics has concluded that there are no harmful effects of sleep training and it is safe to apply sleep training techniques and methods to children 5 years and below. 

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