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What Does Sleep Training Require?

Sleep training will require you to prioritize your baby’s sleep. Sleep training does not work without consistency so you have to be ready and dedicated to make a change in both of your lifestyles. Expect both of your days to start at around 7am while your child’s day should be ending by 6:30-7pm. 

You will need to be available to dedicate yourself to your child's sleep during our time together so please clear your schedule during this period of 2 weeks.

I will require you to provide a crib for your child to sleep in. If your child is below 1 year, room sharing is accepted but not bed sharing. For naps, I would ask you either leave the room for naps or have your child sleep in their own room. The process is much easier if your child has their own room. If your child is over 1 year, I will require you to have their own room. Whether you room share or not, you will need to get a baby monitor. Your baby monitor should not be dependent on Wi-Fi as it needs to be on all night beside your bed. A simple sound receiving monitor works just fine!

Sleep training can be a difficult process for parents. There will be good days and bad days and you will need to be strong and resilient but the rewards and benefits of proper sleep will be worth it for the both of you! Giving your child proper sleep is one of the best things you can do for their development and health.

Nursery Room


         Crib (Bed if over 3)

         Baby Monitor

         Baby Room* 



                    *Baby room is mandatory for babies 1 year and above. 

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