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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I sleep train if I'm breastfeeding?

Yes of course! Majority of my clients are breastfeeding and they have successfully sleep trained. I will not force a bottle.

What method do you


I use a variety of methods. I am trained in several gentle sleep training techniques as well as firmer techniques. The methods I use will depend on your child and your preferred parenting style.  I want my families to be comfortable with the process.

Can I co-sleep and sleep train?

For safety reasons, I do not work with co-sleeping but if your child is below 12 months, you can room share. Your baby must have their own crib.

Can I choose my child's schedule?

No. We follow your child's internal biological clock so the schedule given will be what works best for your child. Although I can consider some non negotiable factors when making your child's sleep plan.

My baby is almost 2, can I still sleep train?

Yes of course! I work with clients as young as 3 weeks until 5 years old. 

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