Coffee Catch Up or Phone Chat

Php 2,500


My coffee catch up or one hour phone consult is great for those who cannot commit to sleep training, but would like to know more about healthy sleep habits and a proper schedule for their baby or child. You can ask me any questions you may have and I will be able to provide you with a concrete assessment of your child's sleep issues and what you can do to address these.


Sleep training methods will not be provided as these will only work with dedicated consistency. I will not provide a written sleep plan, but I can verbally provide the ideal schedule for naps and bedtime, and other tips and tricks to combat overtiredness. 

The coffee catch up is a one time meeting or phone chat, but I will provide a Php 500 discount on any of my packages if you do decide to pursue formal sleep training. For meet ups, I can meet within Apartment  Ridge Road in Makati. Other areas of Makati will be 500 additional.

Apartment Ridge Road, Makati City


Sleep Coach

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