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About Me


My name is Chesca and I am a certified infant and child sleep consultant. I gained my certification from Baby Sleep Consultant based in New Zealand, which provided a rigorous 6 month course and a practical training portion where I worked with 16 volunteer moms under the guidance of a fully certified mentor. I chose Baby Sleep Consultant since they are the only registered training provider in New Zealand and Australia and are known for their gentle sleep methods and holistic approach to sleep training. 

I am trained in a variety of gentle sleep training methods. My education helped me create a program that focuses on sleep coaching to provide moms emotional support during the sleep training process. I include information on safe sleep habits, ideal routines and schedules, sleep training techniques as well as basic information on breastfeeding and nutrition to all my clients. My aim is to help moms understand more about their baby's sleep needs and how to understand their baby. I take into consideration each individual family, child's temperament, sleep goals, parenting styles and philosophies to come up with sleep solutions that work.

My passion for sleep training began even before my daughter was born. I knew that sleep is a basic need and I wanted to ensure she learned healthy sleep habits as early as possible. After my own experience sleep training my daughter at 4 months, I realized that there are so many moms out there who have never heard of sleep training and don't realize that uninterrupted sleep is definitely possible! 

Since I started my sleep training journey in December 2017, I have helped over 60 families achieve their sleep goals! I have worked with a variety of ages from as young as 3 weeks to as old as 5. Sleep coaching has really become a passion for me, I love helping families get more sleep and teaching healthy and safe sleep habits for the little ones has been such an amazing journey for me.

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