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My Method

My method involves listening to your baby's cries and understanding their wants and their needs. There are times your baby needs you there and other times when you need to give space. My goal is to teach you, the parent, to understand your baby and tend to them when they need you. I feel there are much gentler ways to reach your sleep goals than the traditional "cry it out" method and this is what I practice with the families I work with. 

That does not mean there is no crying! There will be crying but you will learn to understand your baby's cries, their wants and their needs. Every baby is different and we need to take time to observe how your baby responds and how we will approach their sleep issues. I take into account your personal sleep goals and how we can achieve them combined with your parenting style, but you have to expect some level of crying. I strongly believe that their has to be some balance between giving your baby learning space and to assist when needed.

I like to give the families I work with options that they are comfortable working with. 


What about the crying?

There are a lot of articles circulating about the dangers of letting your baby cry but I wanted to examine the evidence behind these studies. I have yet to find a study that concludes that cortisol released during sleep training is detrimental or worse than cortisol that rises in other short term stress situations. You can read this study by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. 

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